What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is more than just software. It is a whole business strategy centred around the goal of acquiring and retaining profitable customers. CRM technology is a tool to implement your CRM strategy. It helps your business to communicate efficiently and consistently with your prospects and customers throughout the stages of the sales cycle. It is a technology built around planned business processes, designed to keep you close to your customers.

Every interaction with your customers is an opportunity to better understand your customers ever-changing needs and buying patterns. CRM provides essential data and process management to keep you ahead of your competitors in responding and adapting your business to better satisfy your customers and enhance the customer experience.

What is AlexaCRM™?

AlexaCRM™ is the CRM technology, training and services arm and trading name of Alexanders IT, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Alexanders Group of companies.

AlexaCRM™ solutions build on well-engineered sales systems models. These solutions are designed to increase and maximise your sales opportunities and to help you to quickly adopt the tools and technology to build a loyal customer base.

Thinking of investing in CRM?

Your return on investment will reflect the business process model around which your CRM solution is based. The best CRM system for your business is the one built around your customer-centric business processes, where the "optimum customer experience" forms the basis of your sales processes and workflow model.

AlexaCRM™ provides indepth Sales Systems Analysis and Design services to ensure that your CRM technology solution is dictated by your customer-centric business processes, not the other way around!

Our obligation-free Onsite Sales Systems Check includes:

  • An analysis of your current systems for each step in the sales systems model;
  • A demonstration of best practice customer-centric systems loyalty model;
  • In depth discussion and follow up with you / your CRM focus group;
  • A Sales Systems Analysis Report with
    • Findings and
    • Actionable recommendations

The time frame for this service is dependent upon the size and complexity of your business or department.

The Right Mix: People, Processes and Technology

Optimum selling systems are people systems. They consist of a profitable mix of customer-centric processes supported by trained people and best-fit technology, within a customer-centric environment. Our methodology focuses on helping you to maximize the interaction of your sales processes with the people who sell and the people who buy your products and services. Our logic? Your bottom line. The right technology should work the way your people and processes do, while providing essential tools to help you win more profitable sales and build a better quality loyal customer base.

AlexaCRM™ methodology employs a best practice loyalty model to analyse your current sales systems, locate areas for improvement, and assist you to implement improved systems & processes at each step to achieve better sales outcomes.

Our Sales Systems Consulting and Learning Systems services distinguish us from our competitors, and are designed to help you to do the same:

Pre-CRM Sales Systems Consulting

Our pre-CRM strategic consulting services ensure that your CRM strategy is correctly implemented. Consideration is given to the vital components of your sales processes, workflow improvements and the implications of implementing your CRM solution on your business, your customers, staff, departments and your company resources.

Learning Systems

A change in the mix of people, process and technologies can typically create confusion and resistance from staff. With AlexaCRM™ CRM methodology your staff benefit from customized training systems to accelerate learning, introduce ‘personal profit incentives’, encourage user adoption and implement improvement processes.

Take a step up to a CRM that works for you! Book your obligation free Onsite Sales Systems Check today. Call (02) 9438 3233 or email