IT Services

At Alexanders IT we understand that IT service and support go hand in hand. When things go wrong on the IT front it can cost your business considerably in lost time and reduced productivity, if issues aren't dealt with swiftly.

Our extensive experience and IT know-how equip Alexanders IT with the expertise to support a full range of IT services for small and mid-sized businesses.

We provide reliable technology services that both compliment our AlexaCRM offerings and deliver peace of mind that your IT is in good hands:

Through listening to our customers we have learned that many businesses prefer the option to purchase IT services which are bundled into more specified packages.  Our range of Clarity IT Service Packages make it simple and cost-effective for businesses to seek expert help to pinpoint and resolve IT issues, whether they be in relation to security, network infrastructure, software or hardware.

Clarity IT Service Packages

Our range of Clarity IT Service Packages includes:

Technology Assessment

The first step in utilising information technology is to know and understand the available options and to assess their appropriateness to your own business circumstance. This is where Alexanders IT can help.

We are offering our clients a free IT systems audit to assess the technology opportunities available to your business. Our specialist will visit your premises and give you a detailed assessment of your current situation and recommend the technology that will improve your efficiency and profitability.

Consider this assessment as the equivalent of audit in accounting – no matter how good your accounting practices are, there is no substitute for a regular review and audit.

IT Health Check

Ensure the smooth running of your IT systems. Includes checks on your network, data security and integrity, storage and back up effectiveness, router and firewalls, followed up by a Health Check Rating Report. At your request, Alexanders IT can then provide solutions or further recommendations to prevent or fix any issues detected.


Our technical specialists can design, build, supply and install your network, safeguarding your business from security holes.

IT Pinpoint service

Pinpointing the problem is the first step to solving it! Rather than waste valuable productive time, why not ask Alexanders IT to Pinpoint the problem. Our IT Pinpoint service is designed to help locate issues and determine the source of IT inefficiencies, without binding you to any excessive financial commitments.

Fix IT service

Should your IT Pinpoint Service issues be deemed reparable, Alexanders IT offers an effective Troubleshooting service to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible. Depending upon your needs, we can repair or replace hardware, peripherals and software.

IT Service & Maintainance Contract

Alexanders IT provides ongoing IT services to small and medium businesses on a “retainer” basis. What differentiates us from other providers is that we always treat technology as a support tool to grow and improve your business and not as a standalone task.

For that reason we offer our thorough 'Small Business Technology Assessment', mentioned above, to all our new clients as part of signing up a contract. For this assessment, the fee is absorbed into our first month’s contract for service. However, as this is an obligation free assessment, you may also decide to proceed with the assessment at a charge, without securing a contract with us.

The logic for the assessment is to ensure that your IT environment is working and that any immediate needs are taken care of. Once infrastructure is in place and working as required with a high level of availability, we can then recommend and help our customers to invest into IT projects over medium-to-long term.

We’ve made it easy. Now it’s up to you. Find out how you can benefit from Alexanders IT Clarity IT Service Package range by calling (02) 9438 3233 or emailing