AlexaCRM™ Connector

Microsoft Dynamics CRM users know too well that timely use of critical customer data can make all the difference when it comes to effectively managing customer relationships.

Through harnessing the power of the single repository of customer information shared across business lines, businesses can develop targeted marketing campaigns, shorten the sales cycle, respond more quickly to customer demands and collaborate with team members across marketing, sales and service to provide superior value to their customers. 

However, the challenge still confronting small businesses is how to extend the utility of the 360º view data to improve accounting system efficiencies. If businesses could utilise non-financial CRM data to create financial records how much more value could businesses derive from their CRM?

At Alexanders we recognise that most small businesses in Australia use the MYOB line of products to manage their finances and accounting. That's why we are developing products that bridge together Microsoft Dynamics CRM and MYOB Accounting and Premier*.

With AlexaCRM™ Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and MYOB customer data captured in your Microsoft® Dynamics CRM system can be synchronised, bi-directionally, with your MYOB® data files. The integration of these two critical business applications enables improved efficiencies with secure, permissions-based access to customer account data, inventory levels, and financial communications.

AlexaCRM™ Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and MYOB further enhances the value of your CRM investment by shortening the sales cycle with improved workflow efficiencies, and adding yet another dimension to your CRM’s collaborative functionality across the business lines of marketing, sales, service, and now, accounts.



  • Server-based installation for easy deployment and support
  • On-demand or scheduled synchronisation
  • CRM-to-MYOB, MYOB-to-CRM or bi-directional synchronisation
  • Synchronise with multiple MYOB files. Assign MYOB files to individual business units to keep your financial transactions separate.


  • Synchronise customers information including up to 5 addresses
  • Bring to CRM customer financial information such as account balance and purchase history


  • Synchronise MYOB items list and CRM products
  • Correctly record and synchronise units of measurement


  • Item invoices
  • Professional and service invoices

System Requirements

  • Microsoft CRM 3.0 Small Business or Professional Edition
  • MYOB Accounting v15 or MYOB Premier v9

Call AlexaCRM™ today on (02) 9438 3233 or email to find out how you can integrate your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with MYOB.

*This product has not been endorsed and is not supported by MYOB Australia.This product works with the following MYOB Products: MYOB Accounting Plus v15 or later, MYOB Premier v9 or later.